A sandbox is a play area. This one is a place for me to keep small, personal projects and experiments.

There’s only one item right now.

Tag-based filtering (Javascript)

This is a page from my old site, a page of links to resources on the web, with a dynamic, tag-filtered display. I’m keeping it here as an example of my Javascript programming, since for practical purposes it’s been superseded by my Delicious bookmarks.

The thing I like most about it is not the laboriously coded Javascript, but the (in my opinion) simple and elegant way an Excel spreadsheet generates the code for the Javascript data file.

Justifiable criticisms

(1) If Javascript is turned off, it generates a blank listing, rather than degrading gracefully.

(2) From a technical point of view, an XML data source would be easier to repurpose, but Excel is my data workhorse.